Thank you all for participating and supporting Krata.Netlabel!

We have had a great time with you all and hope you enjoyed this and our releases as well.

After a more or less short break and some brainstorming we decided to take it a little further and re-founded the “KRATA” in March 2015… From these days “Krata” stands for an international¬†record label that puts out Techno & House releases in a 2-week-frequency. Beside that there also exists a podcast series wich features the “Krata”-artists.


You can still reach the “krata.netlabel”-releases here:¬†


And, finally. the new founded “KRATA” records with all additional information here:

or via e-mail:

info AT krata . records . de

Thank-you for the interest – Mi krata, su krata!



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